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Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai - Affiliated Dojo


Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai is a kobudo association headed by Itokazu Seisho, Hanshi and has its' honbu dojo (headquarters) located in Naha, Okinawa - Japan, created in 2015. 

Dojo charters are given directly by the president of the association, Itokazu Seisho.  Instructors are not given permission to give out kyu and dan rank without maintaining  yearly membership to the organization.

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Richard and Heather Bennett are both affiliated instrcutors and dojo charter members of Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai and regularly visit Itokazu sensei in Okinawa for instruction.

Richard Bennett has a number of member instructors and charter dojo that are affiliated to Bennetts Karate.  These schools maintain membership to Okinawa and are presently active teachers that maintain membership to sensei Itokazu Seisho. 


Dojo Charter Membership Criteria:

  • Members must be paying dues to the association each year, paid either through Richard Bennett or directly to the president. 

  • Instructors must make training trips to Colorado to train at Bennetts Karate, or attend MKS seminars during the year to maintain activity.

Dojo Charter/Instructor Levels for Testing:

  • Probationary Status - Students that teach that are not black belt level, but are charter members. 

  • Assistant Instructor Level 1 - given at 1st degree black belt, instructors can test students on their own up to rokkyu.

  • Assistant Instructor Level 2 - given at 2nd degree black belt, instructors can test students on their own up to yonkyu.

  • Full Instructor Level - given at 3rd degree black belt, instructors can test students on their own up to ikkyu.

Dojo Charter Membership Affiliations Under Richard Bennett

Mark Huff, 5th dan - Full Instructor

  • Twin Pines Authentic Kobudo located in Wales, WI

  • Anderson's Martial Arts Center located in Madison, WI

Heather Bennett, 3rd dan - Full Instructor

  • Kobudo Instructor at Bennetts Karate, and Erie Community Center

Maelo Maldonado, 3rd dan - Full Instructor

  • Instructor location: Fargo, North Dakota

Arron Wallace, 2nd dan - Assistant Instructor Level 2

Samuel Wallace, 2nd dan - Assistant Instructor Level 2

  • Longmont Wado Kai Karate located in Longmont, CO

Mustafa Al-Nimr, Gokyu - Probationary Status

  • Instructor Location: Kalamazoo, MI



If you are interested in joining Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai, you can contact Richard Bennett or other dojo charter members/instructors that are located near you.

Bennetts Karate has students, instructors and contacts around the country; New York, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Michigan, North Dakota, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

If you wanted to join us online, contact the dojo for more information.

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