Matayoshi Kobudo Seminar - Mount Dora,
Florida Uechi Ryu Winterfest

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Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai seminar hosted by George Mattson's Uechi Ryu Winterfest at Mount Dora, Florida.  We had 3 classes throughout the weekend March 25, 26, and 27th with the full 5 hour seminar on Sunday March 27th.

Matayoshi Kobudo Seminar - Wisconsin

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Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai seminars hosted by sensei Todd Anderson in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  Seminars were held March 26 - 28 at the Sun Prairie YMCA and extra training was with sensei Mark Huff in Wale, Wisconsin at the Twin Pines dojo.

Seminars were run by Richard Bennett and covered under black belt and black belt training material for the Matayoshi Kobudo Shinbukai Association.

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