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The Bennetts Karate school teaches a unique form of Karate from Okinawa, Japan the birthplace of modern Karate. It is considered one of the principle karate systems of Okinawa and traces its roots directly to the Chinese Dragon, Tiger, and Crane styles of Kung Fu. Uechi Ryu is taught all over the world in the same manner, utilizing the same drills and forms that were developed in Okinawa and China. Classes are available for 4 6 yrs old, 7 12 yrs old, and adult students 13 yrs and older.

We also offer separate Aikido and Okinawan Kobudo curriculums.  Bennetts Karate provides a variety of payment options to students, including family discounts, as well as private lessons.
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The Bennetts Karate Dojo held their first black belt test of the year Sunday May 24th, 2015.  A total of 4 candidates tested and passed their black belt and some advanced black belt levels.  The next black belt test will be held in November.  This is an official test for the Uechi Ryu Kokusai Kyokai.  more...
Current cancelations and events coming up in 2015.  This will most likely be updated over time to include seminars, video parties, black belt testing, and cancelations.  We will try to post events and cancelations for Aikido, Karate-do and  Kobudo. more...
The dojo will be hosting a video party at the our main school, 77 Erie Village Square.  We will be watching two movies, with pizza, and even cake to celebrate Ricahrd's birthday!  Students are welcome to bring their friends and family members to the event.  The first video will start at 3pm.  more...

Email: Bennettskarate@yahoo.com
Black Belt Test May 2015
Sunday, Bennetts Dojo, Erie CO

Events and Cancelations
Dojo Schedule for 2015

Under Black Belt Testing
July 11, 2015

Video Party at the Dojo
June 13th, 2015