April Colored Belt Testing


We held our colored belt testing at the dojo this past weekend; April 7th, 2012. It was definitely a large test since most of the students came from the rec centers as well as the main dojo.

APR 2012

Frederick CVRC Students
Max Dezonia – Green One
Jamie Lee – Green One
Nick Scohy – Yellow One

Erie Community Center
Monica Chen – Brown Belt
Cadmon Plain – Green One
Samuel Brende – Yellow Two
Hall Edmonds – Yellow Two
Caden Gundrum -Yellow Belt
Simon Holstein – Yellow Belt

Hyland Hills Rec Center

Timothy Yang – Yellow One
Abriam Gabrielle Tovar – Yellow One
Heather Fennert – Yellow One
Jamie Munoz – Yellow Belt

Bennetts Karate Dojo
Scout Thompson – Yellow Two
Surf Thompson – Green Belt
Warren Bartlett – Yellow Two
Harrison Bartlett – Yellow Two
Braden Mckenzie – Green Two
Connor Mckenzie – Green Two
Ryan Mckenzie – Green Two

Special thank you to our testing board members for helping out:
Kyoshi Allen Bennett
Bill Haggard
Ethan Bennett


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