March Colored Belt Testing

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Our March colored belt test was held this past weekend, March 3rd, 2012. Kind of a weird testing weekend; Sensei Allen and Amanda Bennett were out of town this weekend, and Sensei Ethan Bennett couldn’t attend. Therefore, Sensei Bill Haggard from the Frederick school and myself (Richard Bennett), had to run the test ourselves this time.

Also, it was a smaller test than usual because a lot of students that were testing ended up being gone this past weekend.

Newsletter Pic001

Karate Testers:
Zack Glover – Yellow Belt
Teagan Plain – Green Belt Two
Matthew Gabel – Yellow One
Nick Scohy – Yellow Belt
Joshua Nuss – Yellow Belt
Ryan Hall – Yellow One
Caroline Smith – Yellow Belt

Since a lot of students missed this test, we are planning on having a makeup test later on in the week for them.

There were no students testing for Aikido this month.

Congratulations to everyone!

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