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Bennetts Okinawan Karate Dojo
77 Erie Village Square
Erie, CO.  80516
(303) 947 - 3908


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Authentic Martial Arts

Aikido Classes
Karate Classes
Kobudo Classes
4 - 6 year olds
Bennetts Karate
Okinawan Martial Arts Club
Membership Dues
Every student must pay a recurring membership dues of $35.00 to the Bennetts Karate dojo each year that helps with the insurance payments on each student.  The membership dues also continually keeps our prices low at the rec centers and at the dojo.  It also covers our specialty classes for students at the dojo and at the rec centers.  Membership dues also helps sponsor two seminars and two video parties per year at the dojo.

Specialty Classes for Members
Friday Aikido Class 6:00 - 7:00pm:  Instructor Allen Bennett
Saturday Sparring Class 10:00 11:00am: Instructor Richard Bennett

Aikido and Sparring classes are optional, and are available to all members at the rec centers or the dojo.