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Matayoshi Kobudo
Okinawan Kobudo means "the old martial way of Okinawa", referring to the classical weapons systems of Okinawa.
Matayoshi Kobudo is the Okinawan weapons system taught by the Matayoshi family, based in Naha - Okinawa, Japan.
Matayoshi Shinko was asked to demonstrate Kobudo for the Japanese Emperor, and he was so impressed by his perfermance that he awarded the Matayoshi Family the Royal emblem to wear as their kobudo logo.  His son, Shinpo Matayoshi, later started a dojo in the memory of his father and called it the "Kodokan", and began to teach a variety of traditional weapons associated with Okinawan peasants such as the oar, hoe, and sickles. 

Sensei Richard Bennett teaches the Matayoshi Kobudo classes at the Bennetts Karate dojo.  Bennetts Karate is associated to the Kodokan dojo in Boulder, run by Sensei Paul Ghering and his wife Sensei Barbara Ghering.  Even though there are classes conducted at the Bennetts Karate dojo, all testing and memberships are through the Boulder Kodokan.  The Boulder Kodokan is the only dojo in the Rocky Mountain states that is affiliated with the Matayoshi Dojo in Naha, Okinawa and is among
This Picture includes:
Sensei Richard Bennett, Sensei Paul Ghering, Sensei Barbara Ghering, Soke Matayoshi, Sensei Itokazu Seisho
only a handful of dojo in the United States affiliated with the Matayoshi Dojo.  The current Soke "Headmaster" of the Matayoshi Kobudo system is Yasushi Matayoshi, and the current Kancho "Chief Instructor" of Matayoshi is Sensei Itokazu Seisho.  Because of the affiliation the Boulder Kodokan has with Okinawa, the dojo has frequent visits from both Soke Matayoshi and Sensei Itokazu.  This also provides students and members of the Boulder Kodokan with the oppurtunity to visit the Matayoshi dojo in Okinawa
Weapons Class at Bennetts Karate
Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:00PM
Fridays 6:00 - 7:00PM